Be a member

You can apply for memebrship if you are:

A. A culture professional, a cultural venue or institution, a company providing services to them in the area of accessibility.

B. Someone interested in issues related to access (but you may not be elected or vote for the members of the Board).

Access Culture members, apart from supporting with their financial contribution the activity of the association, they get discounts on all activities and services provided.

Please contact us at and ask for the application form.

2019 FEES

Individual members € 35.00
Institutional members
1: annual budget up to €75,000.00 (inclusive) € 150.00
2: annual budget up to €150,000.00 (inclusive) € 250.00
3: annual budget up to €300,000.00 (inclusive) € 400.00
4: annual budget of more than €300,000.00 € 1,000.00




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