Annual conference on Open Access

Our annual conference will take place on 16 October at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon. This year we shall be discussing open access.

The digitization of museum collections and other cultural collections has reached an unprecedented scale. It is therefore important to question how institutions and the public themselves can create new content and new activities, from these virtual objects and all the information associated with them. It now seems clear that, in addition to investing in the democratization of access to heritage and culture, institutions must foster a critical and creative appropriation of the content they bring online.

How do Portuguese cultural institutions face this new reality? What is being done to create the conditions for open access? What are these digital resources and who are they for? What doubts persist? What concerns? We invite professionals from museums, libraries, archives and other institutions to jointly reflect on these and other issues still related to the open access policy. More information